Born 1966 in England, Rolf Gibbs grew up in Indonesia and New Zealand. At eighteen, Gibbs embarked on a successful 10-year career as a fashion photographer while living in Paris, Sydney, London and Berlin respectively. His work for French VOGUE, as well as numerous other fashion magazines and advertising agencies, earned him an international reputation as a highly creative photographer.

After attending NYU's Graduate Film Program in New York,  Rolf Gibbs’ short films have won numerous awards at more than 40 film festivals in over 20 countries, and have been shown on television in 13 countries. He has been invited to serve as a judge at film festivals in Berlin, and Amsterdam.

For 10 years now, Rolf Gibbs has been living a nomadic life, moving from one place to another, throughout the world, while doing photography and video, paragliding competitively, and teaching Ecstatic Dance. Rolf Gibbs is also the creator of Transformational Photography, a powerful new technique enabling individuals to discover much more positive ways of relating to themselves. Sessions available upon request.



(11”x13” 112 Pages, Hardcover, Photography)


(1997, Narrative, B&W, 5 min.)

(1998, Narrative, Color, 23min.)
Commissioned by ARTE for television

The Last Guy to Let You Down
(1999, Documentary, B&W, 12 min.)

(2000, Experimental, Color, 5 min)


2001 Documentrary, Color, 13 min)

Rolf Gibbs