A Documentary by Aaron Rhodes

Running Time: 24 mins.

Film Format: DV/16mm


Copyright ©2000


What does it take for a filmmaker to drop a movie camera from an airplane

flying at 30,000 feet.  In the short documentary "Falling", director Aaron

Rhodes chronicles the extraordinary and comic story of filmmaker Rolf Gibbs

as he attempts to capture what it feels like to fall from the heavens.

Director’s Bio:

Born in 1974, Aaron Rhodes is a filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aaron is not a film school grad but a liberal arts alum.  Documentary is his

current passion, but he has directed music videos, edited shorts, and has

been a shooter for 6 years.

Production Company Profile: The Orphanage

The Orphanage is a motion picture production company dedicated to producing

innovative digital feature films for theatrical release.  The company was

founded by independent filmmakers and former Industrial Light + Magic visual

effects artists, Scott Stewart and Jonathan Rothbart.  By grouping feature

film development and production together with a proven team of visual

effects artists and designers at the San Francisco based facility, The

Orphanage is able to develop and produce a slate of entertaining, story

driven independent films that have the production value of major studio

pictures at a considerably lower cost than previously possible.  A number of

the company’s short film projects will be premiering this January in Park

City as part of the Sundance, Slamdance and DigiDance film festivals.   In

addition to original motion picture production, The Orphanage team is

currently completing visual-effects work on the upcoming Disney release

Brian DePalma’s MISSION TO MARS starring Tim Robbins and Gary Sinise.

Contact Info:


Aaron Rhodes: email: aaron@theorphange.com

Crew list:

Directed, Edited by

Aaron Rhodes


Aaron Rhodes, Mal McKee

Assistant Editor

Nancy Ellen Jones

Produced by

Scott Stewart and Aaron Rhodes

Associate Producer

Kate Shaw

Executive Producer

Jonathan Rothbart

Photography by

Aaron Rhodes, Mal McKee & Rolf Gibbs

Title Design by

Dav Rauch

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"FALLING" - The making of  "G"
Click here to watch the filmhttp://www.spike.com/video/falling/997023