Running Time: 5 mins.

Film Format: 35mm


Copyright ©2000

Log Line:

This short but lyrical piece of cinema can be described as a thriller, a horror film, a comedy, a religious epic, a tragedy, an action flick, or as a Motion Poem about 30,000 feet.


Who hasn't dreamed or wondered what it would be like to fall from a great height? How long would it take? What thoughts would pass through one's mind? Poetic simplicity becomes an extremely powerful film when a camera is thrown from an airplane at 30,000 feet.

Festivals / ***Awards

SUNDANCE Film Festival: Official Selection. Park City, Utah. January 2000

WORLD PREMIERE / *** (AWARD: Honorable Mention of the Jury)

BERLIN International Film Festival: February 2000

SXSW (South by Southwest Film Conference): Austin, Texas, March 2000

DALLAS Video Festival: March 2000

NEWPORT BEACH Film Festival, California: April 2000

GEN ART Film Festival, New York: April 2000

PS 2000 Short Film Festival, New York: April 2000

TAOS Talking Picture Festival, New Mexico: April 2000

NANTUCKET Film Festival: June 2000

FLORIDA Film Festival: In Competition. USA, June 2000

SEATTLE International Film Festival: June 2000

EDINBURGH International Film Festival, Scotland, UK, August 2000

SEOUL NET Festival, Korea, August 2000

MILL VALLEY Film Festival, California, USA, October 2000

International YOUNG FILMMAKERS Festival of GRANADA, Spain, October 2000

SHORTS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival, New York, November 2000

OBERHAUSEN International Film Festival, Germany, May 2001

RESFEST Digital Film Festival Tour, London, Chicago, Montreal, New York,

              Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Osaka, San Francisco, Seattle,

              September – December 2000


Directed and Produced by:

Rolf Gibbs

(also Cinematography and Editing)

Executive Producer:

Daniel Cheifetz

Associate Producers:

Nicholas Darrow

Daniel T. O'Brien SkyDance SkyDiving, Davis, CA

Jonathan Rothbart

Scott Stewart

Sound Design:

David van Noortwijk

High Altitude Skydiving:

Daniel T. O'Brien

Safety and Oxygen:

Tad Smith


Brian Murphy

Bomb Makers:

Frank Schlosser / Dan

Post Production:

The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA

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